Food bill Scholarship 2022-23

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Many schemes have been implemented for the unreserved people such as coaching assistance scheme, foreign study loan scheme and food assistance scheme have been launched by the government departments and non-reserved commission under the state government of Gujarat. The benefits of all these schemes are schemes launched by the government for students, farmers and women.

Today, through this article, we have started an aid scheme for students by Non-Reserved Commission i.e. Gujarat Non-Reserved Educational and Economic Development Corporation. As through this article we will get complete detailed information about Bhojan Bill Sahay Yojana. In this article, we will get the information like the eligibility and criteria set by the government, the documents required to apply, the eligibility to apply online in this scheme, etc.

Food bill Scholarship 2022-23

Under the food bill assistance scheme launched by the unreserved department, in case the students of the unreserved category have to go out of their native place for higher studies, this Yoga implements an academic plan for the students. As the food aid scheme has been started under this scheme students are given mental food bill assistance of Rs 1500 per article for 10 months.

યોજનાનું નામ:ભોજન બિલ સહાય યોજના 2022

  • Scheme Name Food bill Scholarship 2022-23
  • Launched By:ગુજરાત સરકાર
  • Supervised By :ગુજરાત બિન અનામત શૈક્ષણિક અને આર્થિક વિકાસ નિગમ
  • છેલ્લી તારીખ:31/12/2022
  • GUEEDC Helpline Number:07923258688, 07923258684
  • Official Website:Click Here
This aid scheme students who are studying in class 09 to 12 will get the benefit of this food bill aid scheme by the government and the students like unreserved category students who are studying away from their hometown and living in hostels will get the benefit of food bill aid scheme by the government. Are given. So that the poor and economically disadvantaged students can get good and higher education in the hostel.

Objective of Meal Bill Scheme
Under the Food bill Scholarship 2022-23 scheme launched by the non-reserved class in the state of Gujarat, the government provides food bill assistance to the students of the non-reserved class who are studying away from their hometown and living in hostels, so they are poor. Students with financial status can get better and higher education.

Eligibility for Meal Bill Assistance Scheme
All the student friends who are applying under the meal bill assistance scheme, if they have the following eligibility, you can apply for this scheme and get the benefit.
  • All the students who are applying under this scheme of Unreserved Commission must be undergraduate and studying in Medical, Dental, Technical and Paramedical and must be unreserved category students.
  • Any students availing this scheme should live in hostels away from their families.
  • This grant given by the government is given only to the students studying in the hostel.
  • Girls hostels run by any Samaj Trust sant and institution which are also studying in class 9 to 12 will be eligible for this assistance.
  • Students should have unreserved category certificate.
  • The student should be a citizen of Gujarat state.
Income Limit:
The annual income of the student's family should be Rs.4,50,000/- or less to apply for the Meal Bill Assistance Scheme. If he/she does not fulfill this eligibility then the student will not be able to get the benefit of this meal assistance scheme.

List of required documents
The following documents will be required while applying online in this scheme which should be in PDF format.
  • Aadhar card copy of the student
  • Income certificate
  • Certificate of Non-Reservation
  •  Proof of age including LC or birth certificate
  •  Bonafide Certificate of School or College Students
  •  Last year mark sheet if studying in class 12.
  • You should take light bill or gas bill as proof of residence
  • A certificate that the hostel or hostel in which the student resides is managed by a social trust
Benefit available under Meal Bill Assistance Scheme
Food Bill Sahay Yojana launched by Gujarat Government is a non-reserved educational and economic development initiative under this scheme students are given Rs 1500 as food bill assistance for 10 months thus a total of Rs 15000 is provided by the government to students in hostels and hostels for the entire course. An annual assistance of Rs.

ભોજન બિલ સહાય યોજનામાં ઓનલાઈન અરજી કરવાની પ્રક્રિયા
જે પણ વિદ્યાર્થી મિત્રો સરકાર દ્વારા શરૂ કરવામાં આવેલા ફૂડબીલ સહાય યોજનામાં અરજી કરવા ઈચ્છે છે તેમને નીચે આપેલા એક વિડીયો મુજબ ઓનલાઈન આ યોજના માટે અરજી કરી શકે છે

જે પણ વિદ્યાર્થી મિત્રોને ઉપર આપેલા વિડીયો ઉપરથી અરજી કરવામાં કોઈ પણ પ્રકારની તકલીફ ઊભી થાય તો નીચે આપેલા કમેન્ટ બોક્સમાં કમેન્ટ કરીને સવાલ પૂછી શકે છે.

Food Bill Sahay Yojana અરજી કરવાની છેલ્લી તારીખ
આ યોજનામાં અરજી કરવાની છેલ્લી તારીખે 31 ડિસેમ્બર 2022 સુધીમાં વિદ્યાર્થીઓએ આ યોજના માટે ઓનલાઈન અરજી કરવાની રહેશે.

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