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To Do Natural Farming, One Cow Earns Rs. 900 Will Get Maintenance Costs

To Do Natural Farming, One Cow Earns Rs. 900 Will Get Maintenance Costs

Amidst the Corona crisis, the country is facing a number of economic challenges. The Central Government has launched the Self-Reliant India Campaign to revive the economy. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the annual program of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII). In his address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi assured the industrialists that he was with them, "You go one step further, the government will go four steps further."

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In his address, PM Modi outlined the government's ideology on building a self-reliant India, saying the country was now preparing to move beyond the lockdown. The PM said not a single PPE kit was made in the country three months ago, but today three lakh kits are being made. The government will take care of all the needs associated with a self-reliant India. The PM said that CII should prepare a research on each sector and give me a plan.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in the program that this type of online program is probably common in the crisis of Corona virus, but this is our biggest strength. Even today we have to fight this virus, on the other hand we have to take care of the economy.

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"I have faith within the country's capacity, talent and technology, which is why we are confident that we'll once more accelerate the economy," he said. The Corona epidemic may have slowed us down, but India has left the lockdown behind and entered an unlocked phase.

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